Nyquon Watson

Oberlin College

The acquisition of identity is a goal I have been conditioned to strive toward for as long as I can remember. I have been treated to examples of righteous individuals, punished for my committed sins, and judged for all my eccentricities in the hope that this would result in a being who knows his purpose. I have never understood the desire to structure one’s life around a central facet of self because I experience self as a fluid construction. I have spent the majority of my artistic exploration on a chameleon-like endeavor to discover as many different mediums as possible. I have utilized this experience to create artworks that speak to the specific instances and moments in my life. Whether they are digitally photographed portraits or three-dimensional structures, my art exists as a tangible representation of the multiplicity of dimensions that comprise an individual. What were the emotions and significant thoughts that plagued me at the time and how does this artwork exist as a timestamp for a state of being? While seeking to hold on to this cyclical theme of fluidity and separation, I remain conscious of the fact that I am not the only one having these thoughts and ideas. In this vein, my artwork seeks to create a sense of my own uniqueness and I hope that this ignites in others, a recognition of their own emotions and feelings. This works to encourage each viewer to think about their own identities so that they walk away understanding or questioning not me, but themselves.

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