Lauren Johns

Wittenberg University

Belle Center, Ohio is where my photographs tell a story. This series is based on my concept of "Home." Home for me are the places where I spent my childhood, the house I grew up in and my incredible mother. When I go to these places I feel comfort, I feel alive, I feel at home. Belle Center may not be the place I lay my head down at night, but it will forever be my Home.

Over the years of my fathers passing, my memories of him tend to fade each an everyday. While reminiscing over the photos of him and our family, they bring those memories back as though they are forever there. So with this serious, I want to bring the sense of time diminishing as the sun rises and the moon settles. How age takes a toll on the importance of a place. The sense of nostalgia when you walk by an old baseball field. Home isn't just a place, it's a feeling.

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