Shae Eakright

Wittenberg University

Shae Eakright is currently finishing up her senior year of college with a triple major in accounting, finance, and studio art with a concentration in ceramics. She first fell in love with ceramics in 2013 as a high school senior in an introductory course. Since then, Eakright has spent the last four years developing a deeper understanding of form, glaze chemistry, and technique. Due to her commitment she was recently the recipient of her University's Guild Award, a prestigious award focusing on exceptional promise in art. Her work focuses on the use, development, and understanding of crystalline glazes in the hopes of better connecting her personal interests in nature to her work and learning on how to better accept the uncontrollable nature of the craft. Furthermore, her work in accounting and finance has helped her gain a more complete and wholesome view and understanding of art's place in the broader world. What she loves most about the crystalline glazes is that she cannot control them and must allow nature to run its course. She is currently developing a senior thesis focusing on the complexities of the crystalline glaze.

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