Keri Lawrence

University of Rio Grande

From an early age, I found myself to be a hands-on learner with a passion for creativity. The study and practice of arts allowed me to express myself and learn in the manner which suited me best. I believe the freedom of associating with creating is what makes art such a powerful and compelling field. The essence of creating an entirely unique piece from simple materials is what I love most. Whether it be a brush stroke or a finger print, the art that I create will always be a part of me.

Honeybees and their distinct behaviors, such as the captivating "waggle dance" have been a reoccurring theme in my recent works. I began helping my father with beekeeping when I was a young girl and have grown to respect and care deeply for these creatures. Honeybees are the most influential pollinators on our planet and have recently began to experience a rapid population decline due to anthropogenic causes such as loss of habitat and the use of harmful pesticides. With hope to enlighten others about these issues, my work expresses the natural beauty and wonder of the honeybee, the hive, and beekeeping culture.

Aside from my career in fine arts, I also enjoy traveling, scuba diving and long distance running. In the future, I plan to continue to incorporate my passions, such as beekeeping, into tall of my works of art.

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