Gabe Richmond

University of Rio Grande

Gabe Richmond grew up in South Webster. A small town on the southern border of Ohio. He is 29 years old and has been a professional Tattoo Artist since 2005. Beginning his tattoo career as only a Junior in high school. He has a growing hunger to become a better Artist on and off the skin, chipping away at it everyday like an unfinished sculpture hidden in the stone.

He is currently employed at Temple Tattoo in Gallipolis Oh, and a student at the University of Rio Grande chasing a BFA.

Artist Statement

Social constructs of race, gender, appearance, sexuality and class govern human behavior. People who dare to break stereotypes, cross boundaries or ignore rules of behavior risk rejection, abuse and ridicule.

As a professional tattoo artist, I see on a daily basis how our stories become etched into our skin. We carry reminders of the past as narrative imagery. Decorating our outside with our inner thoughts. Projected on these forms are the preconceptions of others, which we constantly struggle to reconcile with in our internal sense of self. Some of my sculpture deals with this conflict.

In other pieces, I struggle to create a free world in which all people are able to inhabit our animal spirits, to become the wild and untamed creatures we long to be, divorced from predetermined and constricting roles of human behavior. People become birds, cats, dinosaurs, squirrels, rabbits or even unicorns. People become their authentic selves. People become free.

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