Morgan Bukovec

University of Dayton

The personal and communal journey of discovery, memory and relationships are reflected within my studio practice and art work. My work is coming out of the questions I have about my life and my experience of being a woman in the world. I study the broken boundaries relating to gender in our society and how these standards and expectations relating to women still persist. I am a witness to not only my own story, but the narratives of the women around me who have experienced systems of oppressions. Part of my process and artistry is not only asking women of other generations about their personal experience, but communicating their stories into the visual. My collage work aims to combine the physical and psychological connections relationships reveal and conceal through the materials I manipulate. The memories one associates with ephemeral materials interests me. I center my practice on incorporating these found objects and witnessed narratives into my work, while starting a dialogue through them. Each process I embark on, within my studio space, is an act of uncovering hidden gems through pure investigation and sensitive response with the goal of highlighting the female experience.

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