Taylor Orr

University of Dayton

The act of being feminine is something that is socially viewed as an archetype. This is largely understood to be a beautiful, highly sexualized woman whose representation has been carefully crafted to attract the eyes of their male counterparts. This idea that women are depicted as sexualized objects directed for the pleasure of the male gaze can no longer be accepted. This body of work challenges the objectification of the female form and confronts the idealizations that have been deeply rooted in society for so long. The women in my photographs are comfortable, fierce, wild and unapologetically themselves to show the viewer how they identify as a female. My photographs evoke a sense of presence and awareness of this presence through direct engagement with the viewer. This is a confrontation; this is a conversation without words. Each model opens up a larger conversation about what it means to be female; how each model wants the viewer to perceive them and ultimately society itself. I am working to combat these systems of oppression and reclaiming the landscape of how women are viewed.

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