Jacob Strous

Otterbein University

My goal as an artist is to prompt the viewer to expand and change their understanding of the presented concepts through the process of self-analysis. Overall, my body of work is defined by a focus on visual dynamics, minimalism, shape, and abstraction.

When I design cover art and flyers for musicians, I combine my passion and understanding of music with my avidity for design in order to respond to the themes and aural qualities present in the music. The flyer and four album covers present in this body of work reflect the duality of light and dark, the intangible communication process employed by the brain, the consequences of war, and spaces which allow for mental freedom. The five photographs in this body of work exist as a series entitled Vulnerable. This series explores the conflict between the ease of masking ones identity and the discomfort that comes with feeling vulnerable as a result of exposing imperfections.

My creative process is heavily informed by Armin Hoffman. Throughout his life, he carved out the defining characteristics of the International Typographic Style through experimental techniques and physical processes. Further, I am pushed by contemporary design firms such as Futur Neue to step outside of my comfort zone and explore solutions outside of the Adobe Suite.

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