Patrick Zopff

Mount St. Joseph University

As long as I can remember, I have felt the need to make a mark on the world around me. I focus myself in an attempt to make dynamic work that reconciles experiences and phenomena of the digital age with longstanding practices of artists and creators throughout history and I strive to maintain a personally authentic and integral understanding of design and beauty. Art works as they are being made seem to exist in a supernatural space between the artist’s own imagination and objective reality. As paintings are finished, they join the realm of shared objective reality, and become a part of the collective experience. Artists, who participate actively in challenging and curating the collective experience, are called to express ideals through their art to shape the collective worldview, nourish the spirits of humanity, and inspire positive change. I seek to employ art not only as a vehicle of aesthetic satisfaction but also as a conduit between the microcosm of earthly existence and the macrocosm of everlasting spiritual existence. A large part of my artistic process involves experimentation with varied materials and themes. I think using unwanted materials can have surprising results, and displays a purity of intention beyond assessing market value or enforced art world aesthetics. Themes like spiritual and esoteric symbolism, psychological analysis, metaphysics, and mythology all influence the perspective of my work, but are not my only subject areas of interest.

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