Celena Gilmore

Denison University

My current work reflects absence and psychological turmoil. There was a dramatic shift in my family dynamic, causing a great deal of mistrust, confusion and pain. I have been creating both family and self portraiture, as a way of dealing with and understanding this change. Creating work that represents myself and my family members, allows me to examine our dynamic from the outside. This has helped me gain understanding for the actions of others and has helped me come to terms with my lack of control.

When creating these bodily forms, I consider the relationship of the objects to each other and to their location. In order to create these changing interactions, I make pieces that are not permanently attached. By focusing on the capability of a piece to be re-imagine and reformed, I am able to investigate space, its relationship to the piece, and the meaning created by the combination. Creating re-workable parts also means that each location of installment becomes a part of my creative process and each display is deliberate.

In this collection, I utilize and partially disguise common but non art related objects and integrate them into my practice. I tend to focus on the surface of an object, asserting control over the meaning that it brings to my artwork, while still allowing myself to use my basic instincts on what forms I want to work with. My process creates a sense of mystery and confusion that encourages investigation.

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