Hannah Westhoven

Capital University

Ever since I discovered boxes of old WWII photographs from my grandparents, I’ve been captivated by the idea of documenting travel. Both the antique quality of the environment and the unknown identity of the people captured in the photos produced scenes of bold adventure. The photos offered insight into distant places and times that have become woven into my family history.

In my own travels, I’m drawn to colors, textures, and movements—I see the world through the eyes of a painter, and my painterly approach is evident across many of my projects. I’ve experimented in various media, including printmaking and ceramics, but much of my work is an attempt to solidify real-life memories of fleeting moments with people and places I’ve encountered. I work from personal photos to give my art a nostalgic quality that allows me to depict scenes in their visceral form while still maintaining evidence of the artist’s hand in the work. Quick brushstrokes, loose lines, and splotchy colors differentiate my pieces from the photos that inspire them. My artwork is generally small in scale; however, working in multiples allows me to intensely explore particular themes and memories. The works in my portfolio function together to create a sense of journey and help preserve the integrity of these experiences for generations to come, much like my grandparents’ photographs.

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