Megan Leudtke

Baldwin Wallace University

I wasn’t always planning on being a graphic designer. It feels like I was born with a pencil and sketchbook in my hands, constantly drawing different ideas whenever inspiration struck. I spent all of my elementary, middle, and most of my high school years studying and pursuing the studio arts. My interest in design only started after I joined a Graphic Arts club my senior year in high school. While studio art still holds a place in my heart, graphic arts slowly started to consume my life as I discovered the many facets of the digital medium. Graphic design presented me with a new challenge that I found thrilling and captivating. I found it similar to that of a puzzle, knowing where to place the text in relation to the images and how to overlap certain layouts in order to find the design that is most pleasing to the eye. More often than not this proves to be a difficult undertaking, but it is this challenge that keeps me passionate as an artist and designer.

I get my inspiration from the world around me. Sometimes it’s as simple as how the light streams into a room or the way a leaf floats when falling. Other times it’s the delicacies of interaction between two people. A traveler and designer at heart, I aspire to one day explore the world to discover it's many facets and capture my experience in my designs.

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