Samantha Gorczyca

Baldwin Wallace University

Whenever I create, I am torn between two mediums. In my formative years as an artist, a Wacom tablet that allowed me to draw in Photoshop was the only medium I had regular access to. My work began in an illustrative style & creating art became my focus & entertainment. Upon arriving at Baldwin Wallace University, I was introduced to oil painting & by taking all of the painting courses available, my love for creating only grew- but my love for making art digitally never stopped. Through learning more formal and traditional techniques in oil painting and honing my skills to work in a realistic style, I was able to improve my digital artwork & create strong images in both mediums.

Today, digital art is still an incredibly new medium to the art world. Many people do not understand the process and tend to believe that the computer is sort of a 'crutch' for the artist. I strive to prove that digital art is just as legitimate an art as traditional, & to help people understand it as a medium. In all art, different mediums have different strengths & weaknesses. In creating strong oil paintings along with strong digital paintings, I hope to help more people relate to and understand artwork created digitally.

The content of my work focuses heavily on composition and lighting in an attempt to find detail & form amongst more simplistic spreads of color. I take great interest in the way the two interact & the subtleties, pain, & drama they can help bring to an already expressive form.

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