Tyler Gaca

Columbus College of Art & Design

Tyler Gaca is a concept driven artist from Virginia currently living in Columbus Ohio where he’s earning a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design (2013-2017). A multi-media artist, he creates narrative driven art pieces that revolve around themes of identity, and critique societal norms.

Fascinated by the impact cultural and societal influences have on identity, his current works revolve around an alter ego named Valentine; Valentine’s narrative is rather surreal. The character himself is not quite human but exists as a kind of cross hybrid between an alien and a pop star. His unusual storyline has allowed for the imagining of a new world in which gender stereotypes do not exist, a world where toxic masculinity doesn’t pose a threat to how young boys are raised.

Valentine’s work encourages the viewer to suspend their sense of reality and explore a storyline that, while on first glance seems out of this universe, presents a series of questions that are very relevant in today’s society. Each painting, sound piece, or paper sculpture serves as a segment of a story, and glimpse into Valentine’s world- past, present, and future.

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