Camille Luscher

Columbus College of Art & Design

The process typically begins with drawing on paper using a multitude of materials such as, colored pencils, oil pastels, pen etc. Responsive and deliberate marks are made with a sort of casualness that allows a free flow of visual information to develop. I am interested in the instantaneous and intuitive event of the mark itself to create both form and non-form, space and non-space.

The paintings work in conversation with the drawings, as well as with myself as the maker. The dialogue shifts back and forth. Both oils and acrylics are used, which enables a different experience from the drawing materials, therefore a different way of communicating with my body and with my mind throughout the process. At times, these works become an exploration of the more instinctual moments discovered through the process of drawing. Sometimes they isolate themselves from the drawings.

The work is highly driven by the unknown, and exploring where intention lies throughout the process. Mistakes will always happen, and our systems of judgements come into play. This act of doing versus judging fascinates me, and I see an optimism in the failure of our actions. There is also a falseness to our failures. Play and pleasure both fuel and validate. Each piece embodies a constant re-evaluation of my own understanding of the world, which will always be in flux.

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