Kaylynn Etienne

Columbus College of Art & Design

I am painter who focuses in realistic oil painting and chalk pastels. The subject of this series of large oil paintings is the relationship between two people who engage in tense, intimate, and often dramatic interactions. The work explores the reoccurring complexities and psychological nuances of communication and connectivity that are frequently a part of intimate relationships. The overlapping limbs, facial expressions and color palette are intended to support the form, association, tension, and mindset of the subjects. I like to reference or recreate everyday moments or situations that occur between myself and my partner. The pushing, pulling holding and overall juxtaposition of the figures illustrate the nuance of temperament that can, in part, define a relationship. My color palette for each piece is based off a desired mood, such as "Breathe", which is dark with the figures emerging out with bright magentas and harsh yellow light. The larger scale of the paintings allows the viewer to feel as though they are almost inside the space. The feeling of imbalanced intimacy and psychological stress portrayed in the paintings is something I think most viewers can relate to.

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