Taylor Dorrell

Art Academy of Cincinnati

As an observer I utilize photography as a medium in which I make long term photo series focusing on different aspects of American life. As someone who grew up in a small rural town in the south, moving to a suburban and then urban environment in Ohio was very eye opening.

I find that my images feel most genuine when I'm documenting something that I'm already doing. For the series Over the Rhine, I started shooting images in and around the neighborhood I live in just north of downtown Cincinnati, known as Over the Rhine. As I continued making images, I realized many of the places I was photographing were being demolished. Although the displacement and demolishing taking place in Over the Rhine is done in the name of progress and the images are not meant to vilify the city, the people and places who are displaced are no longer existing in this space. This applies to residents who are forced out as well as those who don't feel safe after the shooting of Sam DuBose by a University of Cincinnati police officer. The case against the officer who killed Sam, Ray Tensing, was just declared a mistrial and the community's response is being watched closely 15 years after the 2001 riots that sparked after the killing of unarmed Timothy Thomas. I make the images while walking around the area and also attend protests calling for the conviction of Ray Tensing. The series is ongoing, but I hope to spark objective and relevant conversations in our society for this project and future projects.

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