Tiffany Tran

Art Academy of Cincinnati

I am an interdisciplinary artist but mainly work in sculpture and performance.

My practice is and always has been an attempt to understand the world around me, to make sense of the context in which I live. Through fantastical rearrangement of day-to-day images and words, I create small environments and situations that come together in a body of work which functions as a visual poetic landscape. I find meaning through creation - a relationship formed through tending, a desire to communicate through a means other than language. My parents are refugees from Vietnam and for the first five years of my life, I only spoke Vietnamese. Growing up, I was forced to understand the world through two very different world views which often pushed against each other. My installations are made from benign materials that appear to be taken from somewhere else because they mirror my personal experience. I am a product of two places meeting at once. My work focuses on transformation – changing the nature of an action through slight displacement. I am a navigator / creator searching for an answer to questions that can't/shouldn’t be answered. A body that is simultaneously drowning/floating.

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