Vera Thornbury

Art Academy of Cincinnati

I am a photographer without a camera. I create photographs without a lens, a shutter or film. I believe in the obscure, the overlooked and the mundane being something worth paying attention to. I believe in trying something just because it might work, I believe in failing and trying again. I believe in challenging the traditions within your medium, and exploring the boundaries of its definition.

A quote from artist Liz Deschenes explains my current approach to photography as a medium. She simply states, "My work is in reaction to the limited scope that photography is often understood by. I think photography is capable of much more than representing a particular moment in time."

I am currently creating photographs called “Chemigrams” The process is counter-intuitive to every basic rule in photography. It brings a medium typically relegated to the darkness, into the light, into plain view. Every step of making a chemigram is done outside of the darkroom; removing the typical dimly lit, almost ominous setting that traditional darkroom photography has been assigned.

I am taking this already unfamiliar medium of darkroom photography and breaking all the rules. On top of that I am creating entirely abstract pieces that look nothing like "photographs" and calling it photography. I don't work in absolutes or draw lines on the potential of a medium.

I relish pushing boundaries, challenging people's preconceived ideas.

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