Shani Strand

Oberlin College

I am an artist from northern New Jersey of Jamaican and American decent, currently residing and working in Oberlin, Ohio. I use sculpture, text, painting, and video/digital image to create objects and installations as lyrical responses to personal experiences and cultural phenomena. Informed by the vastness of these experiences as networks, I consider the effectiveness of place and of communication in liminal spaces, focusing on the particular positions of blackness, creolization, and queerness. In my multi-disciplinary approach, the medium is continuously evolving around the concept and the concept is grasping at collective information to synthesize, respond to, and be in conversation with. Through this I work to find un-foldings in materiality and history, where the disorganization of space and bodies can proliferate, deconstruct, and re-create. Finding myself in a position of dis-location and mis-communication after all of this processing becomes a new center for my work to reimagine itself from. In this cosmic black hole of both absence and presence I utilize prosthetic memories and social realities to create a limbo that both reveals and resists.

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