Chelsea Boyd

Ohio Dominican University

Overall, the artwork in this portfolio have a relationship with the act of being in a cycle. Through the use of materials, text and design, all of the work present centralizes around creating new life. Books, text and designs that are no longer in the forefront of our current culture serve as a driving influence in this body of work.

‘Backbone’ is the central piece in this portfolio that best captures the notion of being in a cycle. This sculpture appears so fragile with how the pages of each book are displayed, yet it is so strong in its structure. Unlike artwork that is made to last, this piece will decay over time, just as our bodies do. In this performance we find the act of being in a cycle. A book that was once read becomes a book that is no longer read. This book then transfigures into a new shape, a new identity and with an entirely new purpose. This new form is then in a state where it has a life of its own, complete with wear and tear over time. The pages in this piece will bend and roll as they age, just as the pages and ideas did that are used in the other works of art.

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