Megan Sigetic

Cleveland Institute of Art

The natural world was something I was always fascinated by as a young child. I would collect rocks, seeds, and I loved pressing plants between old phone books. I may have not been your most typical kid: I was very shy and often tried to draw or fall asleep at the dinner table to get out of actually eating my whole dinner. At an early age, I found a lot of story telling in drawing, but I never thought I would pursue art as a career. When I found Biomedical Illustration at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where science and visual creativity meet, I knew that this was what I needed to do. We have the opportunity to do botanical, zoological, microbiological, and medical illustrations, while working with some very notable companies, such as the Cleveland Metroparks, and the Cleveland Clinic. Being able to educate people with illustrations, interactives, and animations that entice them to learn about a topic is what I aim to do with my art. I want people to be visually intrigued enough to pursue the information that I have presented and also for them to want to know more about the topic. Through art and design, I hope to find new and exciting ways for people to understand the world around them.

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