Katherine Wagner

Xavier University

I am currently a senior attending Xavier University working towards my BFA in Fiber Arts. My work is concentrated in Fiber Arts, primarily in weaving, but I am familiar with other mediums such as Sculpture and Printmaking. I grew up in a rural area away from the business of the more developed areas, my mother would garden so there would always be things growing around throughout my childhood. I was always outside playing or wandering, and found peace in nature when I needed to gather my thoughts. This work relects the relation of mental perception on the struggles of day to day life.

In this body of work these struggles cover topics such as toxic relationships, dealing with the end of relationships, discovery of self-worth, and where comfort can be found amongst friends. In this case these perceptions are how my mind chooses to represent them, through the use of organic imagery. The mediums and process for this work, are more methodical in processess so I can properly immerse myself in the piece, to properly convey the meaning behind each piece. It is a hope that my work provides an opportunity for people relate.

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