Jacqueline Meares

University of Dayton

My name is Jacqueline Meares and I am a senior Graphic Design Major at the University of Dayton. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have a support system that realizes the importance of the arts in one's life. A lot of my artistic encouragement stems from my parents. They have always embraced my artistic talent and encouraged me to grow and develop my creative abilities. My dad created the foundation of my art history appreciation through sharing his own love of classical art. He has shown this love of art through action and example whether it be joining me to attend an art exhibition at the Met or mailing me a current newspaper clipping about Picasso's sculpture being sold at auciton. My dad's encouragement and attention to my love of art gives me confidence to pursue a career in graphic design. My craft stems from my mom. I can always see her attention to detail in the way she does simple tasks like wrapping a present, perfectly situating food on a platter for guests, or how she decorates our home at Christmastime. When deadlines for a project are quickly approaching and quality craftsmanship can get thrown aside, my mom's words, "If you're not going to do it right, don't do it at all," run through my mind. Her insistence on creating thoughtfully has helped garner my designs to be clean and straightforward. Thankfully, I was born to parents whose minds work considerately and creatively.Together they have passed on their traits to me and I know my work is a direct representation of their mindset and appreciation of art and design.

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