Troy Neptune

Otterbein University

The autobiographical nature of my work creates an avenue for self-expression that words cannot accomplish, an avenue of communication only art can fulfill. I am exploring the intricacies of identity and development through my work. This body of work represents moments in my life, specifically regarding my sexuality, gender identity, and my partner as seen through my perspective as a queer person. Throughout my life, art has always been my escape. I could, for a moment, immerse myself in the creative process, and I would feel like my most authentic self. Coming from a small rural town in Ohio, I realized that I was different than others around me. Despite my attempts to mask my true identity, depression would inevitably sink in. However, I have finally arrived at a place of happiness and inspiration that I had always dreamed existed in my future. Amid a diversity of printmaking and drawing techniques, my work emphasizes a representational approach to the figure. I utilize a variety of expressive marks to capture the emotions of a particular moment on paper. Some marks are delicate and precise, while others are moving and passionate. In a heteronormative society, my work questions the gender stereotypes that envelop daily life by representing androgynous figures. It is my hope that my work will induce a change in perspective, an openness that helps to remove the persistent stigma of homophobia, the underbelly of society.

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