Xianhui Huang

The University of Findlay

My name is Xianhui Huang and I am a senior in University of Findlay. I am majoring in Graphic Design and Art.

In 2014, I made one of the best decisions in my life. I chose Graphic Design as my major. Being under pressure from my parents, I was debating whether to choose the major that they liked or the one that I am interested in. It took me one year to make the choice and fortunately, my parents respected my decision. Then, my journey began.

I think design is the process of creation. During the process, designers should know exactly how to show their ideas through their works. Meanwhile, knowing what program or medium to use for a particular project can help designers express their emotion and ideas more effectively and clearly in the works. Just like giving a presentation, it is important for the speakers to know how to word their thoughts and opinions in a correct and proper way.

For me, design is also a process of discovery as well as improvement for myself. I like to try different styles and mediums when I am doing different projects. For example, I took a photograph for the book cover picture of Marriage Counseling and I drew for one of the package design projects. Gaining experiences and skills are the two biggest advantages of always trying something new. In addition, I can learn what my strengths and weaknesses are.

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