Rebecca Carman

Ohio Northern University

I’m a graphic designer who appreciates the world of design because of the endless possibilities and continuous learning opportunities. I’m a curious individual. My curiosity leads me down new paths and helps me to discover new experiences that improve and expand my abilities as a designer. Much of my work addresses sustainability practices where many of my projects fall within the platform of design for good.

My interest in design for good resonates with my love for community and helping others. My inspiration began with a church mission trip to New Orleans, Louisiana to help rebuild homes after hurricane Katrina. The joyful look on resident’s faces as we built them new homes, inspired me to create for others and the environment around me.

It intrigues me how social impact and creative abilities can communicate a message and establish change. When addressing social issues, my designs encourage people to change old habits, preserve nature, establish community relationships and recognize the importance of sustainability. When my designs advocate change, I am playing a vital role in benefiting the world and it’s communities.

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