Harlee Mollenkopf

Kenyon College

My earliest memory is that of the subdued amber light of the darkroom. I was held in my grandmother’s arms as we sung through the revolving light-tight door, giggling at the absurdity of the strange setting. My artistic pursuits were largely inspired by my grandmother who was a graphic design instructor at a technical college and who always pushed me to doodle, draw, and create. I grew up in rural Mt. Gilead, OH and attended high school in Delaware, OH where I was pushed to pursue advanced artistic practice despite the school’s lack of resources. Starting college, I was originally drawn to studying art history and declared my major and took up an internship at the local art gallery only to find myself itching to create in tangent to learning about other artist’s work. Through my experiences in alternative-process photography and book making I developed my visual language. In bookmaking I was drawn to using vellum with its powerful material metaphors and capability to create multiple stages of visibility. During my first film photo class we experimented with the cyanotypes using pressed leaves and I instantly became obsessed with its melancholy blues. Afterwards I bought my own chemistry to start printing on my own and have used the process in my art making ever since. Outside of art-making, I am a passionate long distance runner and compete on Kenyon’s cross country and track teams. Additionally I am working on proficiency in Italian as a minor and as a student teacher.

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