Alison Dickson

Baldwin Wallace University

Jewelry is all about stories. From simple friendship bracelets made as a child, to family heirlooms worn as an adult, jewelry travels with the wearer, becoming a vessel for the memories of our everyday lives. This idea has always been significant to me, and I seek to make jewelry that connects with each viewer’s own memories.

My recent body of work focuses on the feelings of nostalgia. I spent much of my life in antique stores, flea markets, and craft stores. I used to run down the aisles of these places with my grandmother appreciating the history of these secondhand goods. grandmother. I strive to elevate these memories into pieces I can wear, balancing both classical and contemporary motifs. I have a tendency towards creating rings and earrings; objects that I find we interact with on a more intimate level.

Process is furthermore an important aspect of my work. The repetitive motions and manipulation of raw materials to create something I find beautiful is therapeutic. I employ a variety of techniques to create my work. I pour and color my stones in resin by hand and I use CAD programs to design, 3D print, and cast pieces. This mix of technical and classical skill along with meticulous planning of each piece can be extremely unpredictable, especially in the lost-wax casting process. I am constantly learning to be flexible with my work and create beauty from what I have.

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