Jared Gepperth

Baldwin Wallace University

Every new cut added, every fold made, and every vessel formed tells a different story. From a dream of flying to the thoughts physically flowing from our minds, I tell a chronicle with each piece through an everchanging narrative that grows each time we examine ourselves.

I am influenced by symmetry; I love to be able to create equal weight and balanced lines flowing through an object while capturing the nuances of imperfection. I integrate molds into my ceramics - not because I want to duplicate or make a perfect object, but because I want to see how many times I can create something different or imperfect.

I aim for my art to find a different meaning within each person, to draw out memories or thoughts unique in everyone. My art should be as distinctive to every individual as each one is to his or her neighbor. With each piece of art, I learn what pushes the boundary into something truly enticing.

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