Sarah Wenke

Mount St. Joseph University

My design reflects my personality through whimsical characteristics of joy, dependability, and relationships. It includes my unique view of life, modern culture, and nature.

Photography is a big influence in my process. Incorporated into each piece is the developed imagery giving all a realistic identity within the realm of reality. This has allowed me to enunciate abilities beyond graphic design, and the eye. Where the opportunity to identify with multiple audiences and seek visual attention when paired against other designers is revealed.

In my portrait design ‘Georgia O’Keeffe’ I was inspired by O’Keeffe’s simplistic style. Showcasing the characteristics of her body of work, while also keeping in mind my own illustration aesthetic. The blending of colors through a watercolor stylistic approach captures her simple and effortless characteristics. With each illustration there is also a dream, child-like quality, giving the viewer a desire to explore an imaginary world within the mind. By creating effortless organic forms, each piece invites the audience to feel they are able to breathe with ease.

By implementing my photography, inspirations, and characteristics into illustrations and designs, the work stands out in its own unique way. Throughout my passion of design, creating organized yet individual concepts, the pieces come together as one unified body of work.

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