Matthew Dumon

Denison University

I value the escape art provides from didactic everyday life too highly to be very interested in statement driven art. I don't want to make work that tells people what to think or do. I am for a serious art that does not take itself too seriously. The process of painting provides a space where I am continually surprised, perplexed, or amused. My goal is for a finished work to provide this same space to an invested viewer. I do not see my work as an archive of my individual thought patterns or gestures, but as a vehicle for multiple experiences. I want my paintings to serve as bridges instead of monuments, serving as points of connection between multiple minds and hearts. Breaking down the artist/viewer hierarchy allows for the validation of varied interpretations, narratives, perspectives, and reactions to exist within the same object. In turn, the work operates as a stimulus for intellectual, social, political, personal, and emotional exchange. Ultimately, my greatest hope is to share with others what painting has given me - an infinite well of possibility and wonder. I do not want to make art that gives answers, I want to make art that asks questions.

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