Maddie Witte

Capital University

I am a senior at Capital University majoring in Studio Art with minors in Digital Design and Electronic Media. I work in a wide range of media, but have found a love in digital photography. I have always had a love for the human form and creating art that can be perceived in different ways. I can perceive my art to produce one reaction, while someone else could feel something completely different. Because I had worked so deeply in the studies of the human body, I found that I was nervous to do a complete one-eighty and try something new by capturing photos of cityscapes. What began as a simple project for class, developed into a new interest and eventually a portfolio of work. I began to enjoy it, but the normal colors of the photos held no interest to me. Photoshop is a tool that can only help to enhance works, and I utilized to the best of my abilities. I chose to create cityscapes that are surreal and that evoke a different felling than a normal colored building would. While creating these works, I wanted the colors to pop, the structures to stand out, and the places to seem otherworldly. It made me think, who would live here or would I want to take a casual stroll by this place? I wanted to create worlds that make the viewers question my choices and the places. Through the work I began to develop a technique and create a wide variety of photos that flowed together through the idea that not all places are what they seem.

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