Ivana Klock

Capital University

Design was never my first artistic passion, dance was. While over the years I have come to love visual art as much as dance, my love of movement has remained unchanged. Fashion is art that moves with the body, and perhaps this is why I am so enamored with it. Fashion is the place where visual art meets dance.

Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” That is precisely what I aimed to do with this series. In this series of mixed media fashion illustrations, I explored different sides of my tastes and personality. From chic and bold, to elegant and graceful, this work represents the many different sides of myself.

In creating this piece, I was heavily influenced by the fashion illustrations from old Vogue covers. This influence shines through in my artistic choice to make the pieces look weathered and vintage. While I drew influence from the past, I also drew from modern watercolor fashion illustrators like Bil Donovan and Dallas Shaw. This combination of old and new, resulted in the compilation of this series, which reflects the many different facets of myself as an artist and person.

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