Jessica Dukles

Baldwin Wallace University

My name is Jessica Dukles and I am a senior at Baldwin Wallace University majoring in Digital Media and Design with a minor in Marketing. The majority of my work tends to gravitate towards clean and simple designs that the viewer can easily understand and process. With graphic design, I have the ability and power to impact and change how a viewer sees the world and their surrounding environments. I strive to communicate as clearly as possible through my designs by using color, font and hierarchy. Outside the classroom, I have been practicing my design skills by collaborating with other students on multiple design projects. I have found that working on projects with other people allows for a larger range of knowledge and creativity. One of the best things about surrounding myself with other designers is gaining valuable feedback and being able to see different perspectives and ideas come together to create something completely new. My design is a constant journey of discovery and it is an evolution as I continue to learn, grow, and experience more. Art has always been a huge part of who I am and I see it continuing to play a part in my future. I hope that after completing my degree, I will continue exploring this field and make a professional career out of art and design.

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