Soren Carlson-Donohoe

Oberlin College

In my work, I pinpoint moments where social and architectural domains connect. I explore this connection using diagrams, architectural models, and commercial imagery, while taking into account the expectations and influence of these structures. My most recent work investigates the idea of home as a unique example of a social and architectural space. I examine the rise of midcentury suburbia in the United States, where homes were spaces of greater technologic and social control. Through my creative practice, I extract, research, and mimic the fabrication present within the spaces where people, structures, and objects co-exist.

Screenprint and monotype processes allow me a range of control and exactness within my prints. Monotype shows both the process and hand within the image. I employ this aspect to incorporate human influence into representations of architecture and to equate the mottled ink patterns to the imprint of people within a space. Screenprint and digital plotting allows for precision akin to diagrams and commercial imagery. The layering process and the multiplicity inherent to printmaking gives me certain parameters and allowance for experimentation in my work. By producing work related to the societal controls of space and objects, I reiterate printmaking’s history of social awareness, commerciality, and the construction of an image.

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