Amorelle Jacox

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Heads hang, heavy, under the weight of hair. Landscape struggle to hold their perceived state as paint peeks through the edges of thinned sky and land. I am searching for the boundary in giving of myself to others, and my thinly painted landscapes and figures give light to the way that my efforts often leave me feeling empty and exhausted.

I use color to push against what we may think we know of a particular landscape or form. In the same way that Peter Doig uses color to push his paintings into a dream-like or nostalgic realm, it is my hope that my work requires engagement on a psychological and more introspective level.

Notions of the sublime are also found woven throughout my work as I seek to push past the mere charm of what landscapes and the female form often offer and meet the viewer on a deeper level that might move them to a necessary consideration of the weariness of one's self and others around them.

With tired figures and lonely landscapes I am hoping to provide a place of empathetic rest for the viewer and myself.

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