Kaylin Henry

Ashland University

My name is Kaylin Henry and I am a senior at Ashland University where I am studying Graphic Design. When in high school, I discovered the artist Andy Warhol and his pieces in printmaking and design which encouraged me to not only become an artist but also a designer. With graphic design, my strong infatuation with pop culture figures and musicians are displayed through the album covers that I generate to embody each of the individuals and their music. My process includes listening to each of the artist’s music to create my own visual images that I may use to produce a piece and to capture the tone. I use music as a vehicle in my creative process because it inspires me in developing these images and to create an emotional connection with them. I also integrate hand drawn elements within these digital pieces to enhance the personal attachment that I have with each of them and to encourage myself to explore different mediums. My fascination with people and their faces has empowered my enthusiasm to use portraiture within my work to give each of the pieces a personality that reflect the individual and also myself. My other pieces in design tend to have a clean and minimal approach so they may be appealing to a large range of age groups. With my fine artwork, I also take pleasure in utilizing various mediums, like printmaking and drawing, to further develop my skills and ideas. In the end, I always find myself intertwining my two passions of design and fine art together.

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