Emma Daugherty

Ashland University

I identify as both a designer and fine artist. I create digital art as a means of personal expression, and design work as an expression of a clients needs.  My digital art allows me to connect with viewers on a more intimate level, and my design work allows me to create work that connects to a broader group of people.

My digital artwork focuses on the psychological, and I often use things found in nature to represent psychological elements. Water can represent the human mind and its vastness, or a bird can represent a stressor. In my work I try to show how those psychological elements affect people—how we can let ourselves get lost in the dark vastness of our own minds, or how we can allow stress to tear us apart and break us down. By the end of a series of work, I show a resolution (negative or positive) to the effects our minds can have on us. By tackling these subjects I hope to relate to the common human experience and get those who view my work to reflect on their own nature and ability to overcome themselves.

The focus of my design work is to communicate the message of the client in the most efficient, clean, simple, and modern way I can. I do this by using flat colors, simple organic and geometric shapes, sans-serif fonts, and plain backgrounds. I create design work to bring beauty and good design to the world that surrounds us. Design fascinates me because of its ability to communicate so much about a product, company, or person without explanation.

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