Brittany Martin

Marietta College

Ready, Set, Break! I am a graphic designer who grew up in the small city of Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After graduation, I found myself in the historic, beautiful city of Marietta, Ohio where I study graphic design with minors in psychology and advertising and public relations.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve held a passion for design, organization, and simplicity. Now through my education, I have learned to bring those passions full circle through my design. Being a very meticulous person I will go through many versions, broken pencils and shredded erasers before I settle on the perfect piece, a challenging yet rewarding quality. This is one of the reasons I find myself loving design so much. I am able to find a problem, create a solution, and see something that started as just a thought come to life.

I find the simplicity in life and design to be the most beautiful. Taking in every moment and creating a design that is neat, clean, organized and with a reason for everything is what drives me as a designer. It is my goal to carry that with me in every piece I create. I am always ready to learn something new, be passionate about it, work my very hardest and put a smile on every face I meet.

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