Chloe Fritz

Otterbein University

I grew up in rural southeastern Ohio, surrounded by farmland. As time went on, that farmland got smaller, taken up by industrial centers and housing developments. I am interested in documenting the changing American landscape, starting with the rural land that is familiar to me. As an artist, I strive for objectivity and compose my images in a direct manner. I believe in documenting what I find, exactly as I find it, not changing it to fit a picture I have in my mind; because of this I do very little post production. My work follows the tradition of The New Topographics and their way of objective documentation. The deadpan style and lack of emotion and opinion is something that I strive for in my own work.

Inspiration for my photographs comes to me while I'm driving around. Sometimes I'll go out driving to a place I've never been, often times getting a little lost. I look for deterioration as well as modern architecture that appears out of place in the rural landscape. The sky is a key element in my photographs, so I'm always on the lookout for contrails, interesting cloud formations, and how the color of the sky works with the other colors in the photo. I don't seek out beauty, but instead something familiar and foreign at the same time.

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