Jennifer Hall

Otterbein University

I am a painter interested in depicting nature as a space for viewers to pause and reflect. I want my works to provoke feelings of contemplation and offer solace through their meditative qualities, rich colors and intriguing brushwork. In a world where we constantly look at tiny screens, I seek to disrupt this pattern. I am deeply inspired by the Impressionists and have adopted the practice of painting on location. Through this method, I have discovered that painting is about building relationships and strengthening communities. When I set up a canvas on a busy street or nature path, I leave a mark on peoples’ minds simply by showing up in their environment. I have been inspired by conversations with passers by, from artists themselves to those who know little about painting. Perhaps the greatest motivation for capturing nature through paint is that it can be appreciated by all. The painting itself is blind to the viewer and their faults or their past, and serves only as a reminder of all the good left in the world. As violence and fear pervades our world, nature beckons for us to relax, nurture our inner being and behold the beauty that surrounds us every day. Nature is the ultimate healer- even after a disaster, it instinctively begins rebuilding.

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