Allie Morris

Xavier University

I am a current Senior attending Xavier University to receive my BFA in Fine Arts. I concentrate in printmaking, and have a minor in art history, and I plan to be a children’s book illustrator in the future. My inspirations come from the natural world around me as well as the imaginary worlds associated with childhood.

A paracosm is defined as an imaginary world created in one’s mind that is elaborate and lasts for many years. Paracosms tend to include their own languages, governments, and social systems and are primarily referred to when talking about the imagination of childhood. My personal history with paracosms is explored through various printmaking and drawing techniques to  reveal the positive effects as well the reason for and burden behind its manufacture. Whether the need is escapism or comfort, the paracosm is a way for children to assess themselves in a context of their own making. My work aims to capture the feel and importance of childhood and all the fears and joys associated with it. I have only just begun to explore the psychology behind the paracosm in my work. I plan to further explore the paracosmic world through the making of children’s books and the remembrance of my own childhood. I believe it is important for all to connect with their past and utilize the memories found there. So much of who we are is dependent on our past and our inner child. I want my work to enchant and delight adults just as much as children.

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