Sarah Sager

Xavier University

First and foremost, I am a painter. I’ll be graduating from Xavier in 2016 with my BFA and a concentration in painting. But I would also consider myself a storyteller. I truly believe the things that we own, cherish, collect, and love contribute to who we are as a person. Everything we keep has been imbued with a story and meaning - a relic, if you will. The relics we have that make us who we are. Sometimes the things we hold on to are remnants of people who are no longer in our lives, for whatever reason that may be. Sometimes they're small gifts from people we love. Sometimes we just like the way it looks, we may like the way it makes us feel, or it may help us to remember special events in our lives.

The sharing of the stories surrounding these relics is exactly what I want my work to embody. My paintings are a chance to share a part of an intimate, emotional story, unique to only one person. Having the chance to share these stories is what gives my pursuit of painting meaning and substance. These pieces are more than just portraits; they’re my contribution to our perception of the human condition. More than anything, I want my work to give us a chance to connect to someone else, to try and understand what matters to them, to try and understand what they've been through, and even to think back on what items we consider to be part of ourselves and why.

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