Wes Doran

Ohio Dominican University

My name is Wesley Doran and I am a senior design and art student at Ohio Dominican University as well as a U.S. Army Veteran.

To me, art is something that comes from life experiences in which the art captures the emotions and intensities of a specific moment in time.

My work is composed of many minute components and layers that require the viewer to slow down to take in the entire piece. In this way, I am asking the viewer to examine and discern and hopefully connect or empathize with the subject I am addressing in each work. My works are driven by the pragmatic realities and horrors that are every day in 2015 - gun violence, political unrest, monument destruction, and lastly Isis.

Concerning my materials, I have always been intrigued by adaptive re-use of old wood, century old nails, screws, pieces of discarded wire, metal, and any other materials that bring my idea to fruition. I also use my graphic design education to adapt photos and designs into every work. This allows me to use my full range of expertise to create "conversations". I also create garden sculptors to allow one to escape intensity for serenity.

To me, art is about the connection of a moment, an event, a pause of observation, and the human connection through the study of a complicated use of materials.

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