Christine Sutton

Ohio Dominican University

Fiber and printmaking are my main mediums though I do many works which combine the two and use other elements such as paper or found objects. My fiber work combines found and repurposed textiles such as "cutters," quilts that can no longer function as a coverlet because they are in such a degraded condition, and actual textiles from family members. I also color these fibers using natural dyes as well as indigo. I am interested in the layered life of the textile- my colorant on original pattern- my repurpose of an old blouse or skirt- my hand embroidering on top of all these layers which acknowledges both the passage of time and the work of my hand in the pieces.

I layer materials in this manner as an homage to my family home of Harlan, Kentucky. Harlan is as complicated as my layered textiles, which is forever trying to repurpose itself in some way (while drawing on its inherent aesthetic and natural riches) due to the closing of the coal mines which shaped the life way of this community for over a century.

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