Abby Graber

Bluffton University

When I was young, doing art was a way to free my mind of boredom and it continues to be a way to occupy my mind and my hands. I love the meditative trance I experience with the art process, as it can be a positive distraction from everyday anxiety and stress. I feel completely at peace with no regard of time or deadlines. I can channel and transform life’s negatives into something beautiful.

I’ve always enjoyed the functionality that art can have. Whether it’s teaching someone else to fold a paper crane, making a ceramic mug to drink from, giving someone a henna tattoo, or designing a coloring book page – all of these creations have functional ability that allows others to enjoy and experience something from the art as well.

I have learned that art allows for and even demands introspection. I am always learning more about myself. My artwork is reflective of my experiences, my friends, my family and my community. A lot of my art communicates both real and imaginative stories. Surrealism, female empowerment, and personal experience are various topics that I find inspirational when developing my artwork.

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