Michelle Puehler

Defiance College

To me design is more than a career it is my passion, and it is an integral part of me, in which without I would be hopelessly lost.

My work is done through a long process of thinking, drawing, and researching. I find out as much information as I can and make design decisions based on the message the work needs to portray. My style is versatile, and it changes depending on the project. The only thing that remains consist ant is the effectiveness of the design is always lies within the details.

My origins in design started in print, which will always be my first love. There was never any guessing what I wanted to do with my life, from the moment I opened Photoshop there was no turning back. Overtime, through many projects and experimenting with different aspects of design my interest started to peak in websites.

I create works for clients through my internship at a small design agency, through my own freelancing, and for myself. Working in the field as taught me, in order to survive as a designer in the modern world, a designer must be able to adapt.  The world is instant. Trends and programs used in the design field change with a rapid speed. The versatile designer has to be able to work in a mixture of print and web projects, and are not good at one thing but good at everything.

My name is Michelle Puehler and I am versatile designer.

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