Claire Harvey

Cedarville University

I grew up in the Republic of Congo and everything I do is influenced by that and shapes me into who I am as an artist.  Living overseas has given me a variety of unique experiences and exposure to different cultures.  The memories of my experiences are important to who I am. Even though they are just blurry disconnected thoughts that run through my brain, they are still deeply personal and I love to share them with others.

I am able to learn from these events in hindsight and I see how God has orchestrated them all.  One of my favorite ways to share the stories that comprise my life is by creating conversation about them through my art.  I hope through experiencing my art people will find a better understanding of another perspective and step outside their comfort zones.

In order to bring my background to others, I have created artwork based on several key moments in my life.  In these works of art, every detail is intentional.  The palette, style, and medium all come together in order to highlight what I would like the audience to see in each experience.  This body of work is a compilation of my life thus far.

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