Christa Cape

Cedarville University

Growing up in the woods of New Hampshire, I absorbed many lessons from nature, which is where I get much of my inspiration for my artwork. Life in the woods is slow and thoughtful, though always changing, and I learned to savor each moment, never again to be repeated. This constant change, visible through the turning of the seasons, is one of the greatest teachers in nature, instilling in my mind the necessity of treasuring each moment while it’s here.

Through the conceptual theme of “seasons,” I seek to address these shifting moments of life. Whether sorrowful or happy, frustrating or peaceful, destructive or redemptive, every moment is unique. As the teacher of Ecclesiastes writes, “there is a time for everything under the sun…” I explore these times of life, exposing the hope that exists in this continual change, but also encouraging viewers to drink in the world around them more slowly and with greater stillness than they might otherwise.

My work is figurative, because I believe that simply the act of bringing a certain image to the viewers’ attention can evoke strong reactions. In a world inundated with glossy images of mass consumerism, people forget to stop and think about the everyday situations they come in contact with. My hope is to bring about introspection, to impact viewers with a reality that is both transparent and hopeful.

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